Buran Ghati Trek

Witness nature at its most stunning on a hike to Green meadows and Snow capped mountains in rural India.

Shimla – Shimla
13500 Rs (200 $ (Transportation Pickup and Drop to Old Bus Stop Shimla)


  •  Max. Altitude. 15000ft (4572m)
  • Grade . Moderate to Difficult level
  • Trekking Distance. 30Km
  • Duration. 7Days


Day 1 : Shimla to Janglik

  • Altitude. 9200ft (2800m)
  • Drive distance. 160km (8-10hr approx)
  • Pick-up. Old Bus-stop Shimla
  • Last phone and Atm. Rohru
  • Stay. HomeStay/ Hotel (Double sharing Tent)

Janglik, the base camp for Buran-Ghati trekking, is where you will begin your journey. The drive will take you from Shimla to Rohru, which is a scenic drive. You’ll pass charming villages that have an instant charm from Himachal culture.You’ll also see pine and oak forests along the way, which are artistic due to their sharp edges. On our way to Janglik, we will have lunch. To get to Tonglu will take approximately two hours, as the motorable road at Tikri turns into a dirt track. Hot dinner will be served at the campsite/guesthouse afer you reach Janglik. You should also note that the last ATM point is located at Rohru. If you need to withdraw cash, make sure you go to the ATM. Rohru is also where you will find the network on the phone.

Day 2 : Janglik To Dayara Thatch

  • Altitute. 9200ft (2800m)
  • Altitude Gain. 1950ft (600m)
  • Trek Distance. 4Km (5-7hr Approx)
  • Grade. Moderate Ascent.
  • Stay. In Tent (Double sharing Tent)

Waking upto a beautiful valley view at janglik, we will have a delicious breakfast with warm tea before we begin our journey ahead. Today is the most scenic day of the treak as you clomb uphill, all the way to the Dayara Meadows. While it is a beautiful climb from janglik to Dayara Thatch. trail to be easy and relaxing. It will be amazing to see the beauty of the forest and small streams that have cooling effects on your senses. It takes _me to take in the beauty of mother nature. Take your time and enjoy your surroundings. The trail graduallyclimbs before it descends again. Tonight’s camping spot will be in the Dayara meadows. We will climb the hillock nearby to aid in acclimatization. Your body must be properly acclimatized as you will be climbing higher altitudes. Dinner will be served at the campsite after you return from your acclimatization walk.

Day 3 : Dayara Thatch to Litham

  • Altitute. 9200ft (2800m)
  • Altitude Gain. 650ft (200m)
  • Trek Distance. 4Km (3-5hr Approx)
  • Grade. Easy Gradual Ascent & then Descent.
  • Stay. In Tent (Double sharing Tent)

After having breakfast at your campsite you will begin your day exploring Dayara meadows. To soak up the freshness of the morning, you can go for a walk. The meadows become more artistic when the sun first shines on them. You will find dense forest, meadows, and flowing streams on the trail that runs from Dayara to Litham. There are several streams that you can use to refill your water bottles along the trail. You can see the Dhauladhars snow-capped mountains before you reach the Litham campsite. The forest of Bhoj is a stunning setting. You can see Litham from here. You will arrive at the Litham campsite after crossing the Chandranahan stream. Here you will spend the night.

Day 4 : Xplore Chandranahan Lake for Acclimatazion

  • Altitute. 9200ft (2800m)
  • Altitude Gain. 2000ft (600m)
  • Trek Distance. 4Km (6-7hr Approx)
  • Grade. Difficult, Steep ascent and
  • Start Early In the morning
  • Chandranahan is a group of 7 lakes and
    we will see 4 of them
  • Stay. In Tent (Double sharing Tent)

Today’s ascent and descent is steep so we will start our day early. After breakfast, we will visit the Chandranahan lake to do an acclimatization walk. Then we will return to Litham campsite. This is an exciting, rewarding walk that will allow you to take many pictures. From the point where it emerges, we will continue our climb upstream to the waterfall. In June, you will also see a lot of snow. The lake will appear smaller as it is fed by the surrounding snowfields. Before heading back to Litham, you can spend some _me at the lake taking pictures and enjoying the stunning views. You will have to descend steeply to Litham so you can reach Litham before lunch.

Day 5 : Litham to Dhunda

  • Altitute. 9200ft (2800m)
  • Altitude Gain. 1500ft (460m)
  • Trek Distance. 5Km (6-7hr Approx)
  • Grade. Moderate with mix of gradual and steep ascents.
  • Pass is visible from the camp site
  • Stay. In Tent (Double sharing Tent)

To reach Dhunda, you will need to climb 2 hours. Dhunda is located at 13,300 feet. From here, Gunas pass sits on top of the snowy mountains. The combination of grey and white mountains, with Litham’s grassland to the left and Rupin Valley to the right, makes it a mixture
of both. The steep ascent will give you the first glimpse of Buran Ghati on your left. You can take some amazing pictures by spending some time at this spot. The climb to Dhuna will be started by following the shepherd trail to the pass. You can see the Buran Gha_trail from here. The snow-capped mountains will surround you from all sides, so you will be camping in the middle of them. The entire campsite at Dhunda is a beautiful spot to camp in the alpine mountain ranges.

Day 6 : Dhunda to Munirang (River Camp), via Buran Ghati pass

  • Altitute. 9200ft (2800m)
  • Buran Ghati Pass. 15000ft (4550m)
  • Trek Distance. 7Km (10-12hr Approx)
  • Grade. Difficult with steep ascent and descent.
  • Camp nearby the river and farmers huts
  • Stay. In Tent (Double sharing Tent)

Today’s trek will take us approximately 10-12 hours. It will include both ascent and descent. The snow melts in September and the climb to the pass is easy. Follow the ridge from the Dhunda campsite and climb over boulders to reach the base of this pass. It takes about an hour to climb up from the base, mostly on snow. Buran Ghati is at 15,000 feet. It’s a thrilling climb. The top is narrow and has a narrow ledge. The steep drop to the opposite side is very sharp. Even with an ice-axe, the descent can prove dangerous without a rope. Your first goal is to get down to the snowfield 100m below the pass. The rest of the descents will be on smaller ledges you can slide down. You will reach the base by following the ridge that runs along the pass. The climb to the top of this pass, at 15,000 feet elevation, will take about an hour. There is a narrow ledge at the top and a steep drop on either side.

Day 7 : Dhunda to Munirang (River Camp), via Buran Ghati pass

  • Altitute. 9200ft (2800m)
  • Trek Distance. 5Km (4-6hr Approx)
  • Grade. Easy with gradual descent.
  • Leave for Shimla by 1.00pm Reach Shimla between 10pm – 11pm
  • Stay. In Tent (Double sharing Tent)’
  • Make hotel booking at Shimla accordingly.

The last day of your trek will take you to Barua village, which is famous for its lush vegetation. This trail is beautiful and perfect for shutterbugs. It is amazing to witness the beauty of this trek while you descend. You will find a mixture of trees around the trail as you travel through high-altitude pines. You will reach a large stream that joins the Barua Khud after about an hour of descent. You’ll see a lot more shrubs as you cross the stream. Along the way, you might also spot peach and apricot trees. After about an hour, you will be greeted with apple orchards. You’ll also see signs of cultivation. The descent becomes faster once you reach the village. The road bridge will be reached in half an hour. You will be picked up at Shimla by 1:00 PM. We expect you to reach Shimla between 10:00 and 11:00 PM. Please book your hotel at Shimla according.


  • Stay is included on all days of the trek ( from Janglik to Burua )At Janglik in Homestay and on other days you will be staying in tents (2 per tent).
  • All meals from dinner at Janglik on Day 1 to lunch on Day 7 at Burua are included.
  • Meals are simple, nutritious and vegetarian
  • All the trek equipment will be included like a sleeping bag, kitchen & dining tent, utensils, mattress, tent, toilet tent, and crampon (if needed)
  • Bonfire at Janglik


  • Tents and sleeping bags are Professional grade and tested on
    high altitudes by our mountain expert trek team.
  • First aid medical kits, oxygen cylinder as well as stretcher. All the needed forest entry fees along with perm
  • Your trek will be led by a trained, experienced professional
    guides and trek leaders with a solid guiding background, times of nature and trekking experience, medical certifications, and a passion for leading people into breathtaking terrains.
  • Transport charges from Shimla to Janglik and return to Shimla


  • Anything that is not mentioned in inclusion
  • The trek cost is not inclusive of meals bought during the journey on 1st day and last day. ( Food starts from dinner at base camp on day first till last day lunch ).
  • Mules or porter charges to carry private baggage (Offload Charges for bag 500 perday, per bag. (Note: bag weight should not be more than 15 kg)
  • Any kind of emergency evacuation charges


  • Pickup point will be New Shimla bus stand and pickup time will be 6.30 AM.
    Note: We will share exact pickup location and driver details on WhatsApp group,
  • Apart from it our transport manager will be also present at the pickup point to assist you.
  • We will drop you off at Shimla bus stand max by 10 P.M on the final day.
  • We advise you to make your departure bookings afyer 11.30 P.M
13500 Rs (200 $)

Per Person