Rupin Pass

Witness nature at its most stunning on a hike to  Green meadows and Lake at the altitude of  14000ft.

Shimla – Shimla
Total,Cost= 14300 Rs /200 $


  • Transportation Cost 2500 per passenger
  • Max. Altitude. 15,350ft (4678m)
  • Grade . Moderate to difficult
  • Trekking Distance. 41Km
  • Duration. 7Days


Day 1 : Arrival in bawta

Drive distance: 85 km | Drive Duration: 5 hours | Pick up point Pickup time: 11 am

The cost of the cab is Rs 6,500 (Bolero) per vehicle. The fare is split among
trekkers and paid directly to the driver.
Please note that you will be driving through the picturesque Chainsheel Valley

Day 2 : Trek from Jiskun to Jakha

Trek Distance: 4 km | Trek Duration: 4 hours | Altitude gain: 7,630 ft to 8,755 ft

A lovely trek through remote, traditional villages of Himachal. The trek is a
challenging one. Expect an hour’s descent followed by an hour’s steep ascent.

Day 3 : Trek from Jakha to Saruwas Thatch

Trek Distance: 7.10 km | Trek duration: 5-6 hours | Altitude gain: 8755 ft to 10,770 ft

The day’s trek starts off in a magnificent fir forest, one of the best forest
sections on any trek. Further, the trail descends down into the valley, snaking on
the banks of the Rupin River. Look out for beautiful dwarf rhododendrons after
Udaknal, just as you approach the meadows of Saruwas Thatch

Day 4 : Trek from Saruwas Thatch to Dhanderas Thatch

Trek Distance: 3 km | Trek Duration: approx. 2 hours | Altitude gain: 10,770 ft to 11,700 ft

The shortest and perhaps the prettiest day of the trek, as you walk through small
meadows, which are flower beds in summer, and beautifully colourful in autumn.
The day’s trek culminates at the iconic Dhanderas Thatch or Lower Waterfall
campsite, where you camp at the base of the roaring 1,500 ft Rupin Waterfall.

Day 5 : Trek from Dhanderas Thatch to Upper Waterfall

Trek Distance: 2.4 km | Trek Duration: 2-3 hours | Altitude gain: 11,700 ft to 13,275 ft

A quick and continuous ascent of the 1,500 ft Rupin Waterfall. In summer, expect
to cross the waterfall on a snow bridge. In autumn, the trail is on rocky, and
sometimes slippery terrain.

Day 6 : Pass-crossing day: Upper Waterfall camp to Rupin Pass, further on to Ronti Gad

Trek Distance: 7.4 km | Trek Duration: 9-10 hours | Altitude gain and loss: 13,275 ft to 15,279
ft to 13,005 ft

The most adventurous day of your trek. You start from the Upper Waterfall
Camp at around 3 am to make it to Rupin Pass by 7 or 8 am. The day’s climb is
hard, with steep ascents, through snowfields of rocky beds to the pass. The
climb to the pass through the Rupin Gully is an iconic one. The descent and long
walk to Rontigad is a true test of your endurance

Day 7 : Trek from Ronti Gad to Sangla. Drive to Shimla

Trek Distance: 11.9 km | Trek Duration: 6 hours | Altitude loss: 13,005 ft to 8,660 ft | Drop
off point: Shimla Old Bus stand.

The day’s trek involves a steep descent all the way to Sangla, where your trek
ends. Despite being the last day, this is one of the most picturesque days as you
trek through the lush grasslands of Sangla. The trek ends at the River Baspa,
which marks the beginning of civilization after your 7-day trek.


  • Pickup point will be New Shimla bus stand and pickup time will be 6.30 AM.
    Note: We will share exact pickup location and driver details on WhatsApp group,
  • Apart from it our transport manager will be also present at the pickup point to assist you.
  • We will drop you off at Shimla bus stand max by 10 P.M on the final day.
  • We advise you to make your departure bookings afyer 11.30 P.M
14300 Rs (200 $)

Per Person